2005 Super Bowl Proposed Scoring
by Rick Morris


For many first-time fantasy sports players, getting started can seem an impossible obstacle. Organizing a proper scoring system is often the hardest part.

As a service to our readers, we offer the following suggested guidelines for organizing a fantasy arena football league.

As with most sports, a standard serpentine draft works best for the dispersal process.

Regarding scoring, standard regular season measures work well.  Here’s a sample for you to consider:

·        4 points for a touchdown pass
6 points for a touchdown run or reception
1 point per 50 yards passing
1 point per 25 points rushing or receiving
3 points per 5 receptions, with additional 2 points for 10 receptions
1 point per PAT
face value on field goals, but with 1 additional point for those above 45 yards, 2 additional points for those above 50 yards and 3 additional points for those above 55 yards

Also, we have a mock draft for your consideration.  It was held on the January 27 edition of “The Drafthelp.com Fantasy Insider,” heard from 7-8 PM (EST) on SportsTalkCleveland.com, as it is every Thursday night.  The participants were myself, show co-host Nathan Noy, Ken Detwiler (host of the SportsTalkCleveland.com show, “Life’s a Pitch with Ken Detwiler”) and Tom Glissman (contributor to the SportsTalkCleveland.com show “The Monday Night Sports Zone”).  I should preemptively note in my own defense that my selection of Freddie Mitchell was made before he made his inflammatory comments about the New England defense!  We utilized the above scoring system.

Round One
Ken: Tom Brady
Tom: Corey Dillon
Rick: Brian Westbrook
Nathan: Donovan McNabb

Round Two
Nathan: Adam Vinatieri
Rick: David Akers
Tom: David Givens
Ken: David Patten

Round Three
Ken: Kevin Faulk
Tom: Deion Branch
Rick: Freddie Mitchell
Nathan: Terrell Owens

Round Four
Nathan: Dorsey Levens
Rick: Todd Pinkston
Tom: Daniel Graham
Ken: L.J. Smith



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