2004 Fantasy Golf Proposed Scoring Systems
by Rick Morris


For many first-time fantasy sports players, getting started can seem an impossible obstacle.  Organizing a proper scoring system is often the hardest part.

As a service to our readers, we offer the following suggested guidelines for organizing a fantasy golf league.

First, given the balance of power on the PGA Tour, a commissioner organizing a league should aspire to have about 6-8 owners, with a 6-8 round serpentine draft.  We suggest this because the Drafthelp.com golf draft board goes 50 deep, which is about as far down as we’d recommend dipping into the talent pool.

There are three scoring systems that we can suggest for running a fantasy league.  The first involves strictly using the player earnings for a points system.  This has the benefit of relative ease, but it forces fantasy players to value the “nothing” tournaments to at least a small degree.

The second proposed system involves a points foundation based on Top 10 finishes in tournaments.  It’s a three-tier system, with the major tournaments (The Masters, US Open, British Open and PGA Championship) counting the most, then the “near majors” (Pebble Beach, Bay Hill, Players Championship, The Memorial, NEC Invitational and Tour Championship), then all other tournaments on the bottom level.

Bottom-level tournaments count as follows:

10th Place 5 points
9th Place 8 points
8th Place 10 points
7th Place 13 points
6th Place 15 points
5th Place 20 points
4th Place 25 points
3rd Place 30 points
2nd Place 38 points
1st Place 45 points

Second-tier tournaments count for double the points as the bottom-level ones:

10th Place 10 points
9th Place 16 points
8th Place 20 points
7th Place 26 points
6th Place 30 points
5th Place 40 points
4th Place 50 points
3rd Place 60 points
2nd Place 76 points
1st Place 90 points

Major tournaments count for triple the points as the bottom-level ones:

10th Place 15 points
9th Place 24 points
8th Place 30 points
7th Place 39 points
6th Place 45 points
5th Place 60 points
4th Place 75 points
3rd Place 90 points
2nd Place 114 points
1st Place 135 points

The third proposed scoring system, the one we recommend the most heartily, is to use the above scoring system for only the second-tier and major events and skip the lower-tier ones altogether.  The upper-crust of tour and international players rarely converges for events beyond these 10, so we’d recommend that only hard-core golf fans utilize a system that forces you to care about the more pedestrian events.




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