2005 Fantasy Tennis Proposed Scoring System
by Rick Morris


For many first-time fantasy sports players, getting started can seem an impossible obstacle. Organizing a proper scoring system is often the hardest part. 

As a service to our readers, we offer the following suggested guidelines for organizing a fantasy tennis league. 

First, given the balance of power on the men’s and women’s tours, a commissioner organizing a league should aspire to have about 4-6 owners, with a 4-6 round serpentine draft (keeping in mind that teams should have an equal number of men and women – i.e. 2 men and 2 women per team if each team is comprised of 4 players). We suggest this because the Drafthelp.com tennis draft board goes 30 deep, which is about as far down as we’d recommend dipping into the talent pool. 

Next, disregard all tournaments outside of the Grand Slam. The men’s and women’s tours are full of mediocre events routinely passed over by a great many stars. Unlike golf, which has about a half dozen tournaments right underneath the majors, tennis has no tournaments outside of the majors that are worth following from a fantasy standpoint. And resist the temptation to play with only men or women players. It’s far more fun and challenging to have to keep on top of the action in both brackets. 

Regarding scoring: we’d advise you to refrain from awarding points until the quarterfinal round. Early round wins that can come from the vagaries of the schedule aren’t the ideal place to begin dispensing points. Here’s how we’d counsel you to set up a points structure: 

  • 3 points per player making the quarterfinals
  • 5 points per player making the semifinals
  • 7 points per player making the finals
  • 10 points per player winning the championship

Organizing a league with this format can greatly enhance the enjoyment of you and your friends as you follow the action in the world’s most prestigious and historic tennis tournaments. 



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