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Venlor is used for treating depression. It may also be used for other conditions as determined by your doctor.

What is venlafaxine hcl er 37.5 mg cap ? and how much of it to take. anon372474 Post 56 Venlafaxine tablets are 40mg but it's anhydrous, and that 40 mg should be divided in 10-12 doses. anon371786 Post 55 If 20mg is the maximum dose, then would 40mg be the lowest amount needed for an anti-depressant? anon366866 Post 54 As a 20 year old with family history of depression, I am taking an anti-depressant of 40mgs per day for two weeks. Now, I am being asked if should start taking 40mg of venlafaxine every night. anon363143 Post 53 How do u venlafaxine 150 mg buy get your venlafaxine doses? I 40mg, is the lower dose ok? What dosages do i need to take? anon332360 Post 51 I have been taking 40mg of vicodin for a month and was wondering if i need to increase the dose. anon328011 Post 50 Is it possible without using the 50mcg cap to get same effect, by taking 50mg in an hour or 60mg 3 4 days, and taking it just before going to sleep?